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On January 25, 2019, Canada announced its participation at Expo 2020 to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from October 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022. Based on the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, this Expo will be the first to take place in the region. The Expo organizers are anticipating up to 25 million visits over six months. Canada has been host to Expo ‘67 and a [1] Specialized Expo in 86 in Vancouver.

Global Affairs Canada is leading Canada’s participation at this Expo, and will be promoting the economic, investment and cultural benefits of Canada’s participation in the lead-up to, and during the Expo.

  • Canada has always had the future in mind from the day it became a country on July 1st 1867, to its centennial year when it hosted a World Expo in 1967 in Montreal. Canada captured the hearts and minds the world over with the theme “Man and His World” – an Expo celebrated as one of the most successful World’s Fairs of the 20th
  • Expo 2020 Dubai provides a unique opportunity to present Canada as a destination of choice to visit, study, immigrate, invest and do business.
  • Canada’s participation will convey the image of a country that is:
  • a global leader, innovator and collaborator with solutions to offer the world in many spheres: rule-based global trade, international security, migration, sustainable development, food and water security
  • a leader in climate action and sustainable economies
  • an ideal place for business, investment, education, tourism and immigration
  • Participating in Expo 2020 Dubai aligns with the Government’s trade diversification strategy, which helps Canadian businesses access more opportunities around the globe.
  • Showcasing Canadian expertise to the world at Expo 2020 Dubai is one more way the government will open doors for companies of all sizes to compete and succeed in thriving global markets, which in turn will create jobs for the middle class.
  • The UAE was Canada’s 20th largest merchandise export market in 2020, with exports approaching 1.8 billion dollars.
  • Already, more than 150 Canadian companies from various sectors are present in the United Arab Emirates, mainly to serve as a base for their operations in the region.
  • Expo 2020 Dubai will be the first international Expo to take place in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region and the largest event to ever take place in the Arab world.

Invest in Canada:

  • In March 2018, the Government of Canada launched Invest in Canada, Canada’s global investment attraction and promotion agency.
  • Invest in Canada’s mission is to promote, facilitate and accelerate foreign direct investment (FDI) into Canada.
  • The organization brings industry, community and government partners together to offer seamless services that make it easy for global companies to grow their operations in Canada.
  • At Expo 2020, Invest in Canada’s Business Lounge and Terrace provides a convening space for global business leaders to connect and network with Canadian companies and stakeholders.
  • The Invest in Canada Lounge also showcases Canada’s bustling business landscape from coast to coast, increasing awareness of Canada’s innovation expertise across agri-business, life sciences, transportation, technology and Canada’s emerging prowess in hydrogen and electric vehicle supply chain.

The Trade Commissioner Service:

Canada’s Commercial Program aims to create meaningful opportunities (virtually as well as in person) to connect international stakeholders with Canadian businesses and partners on the margins of Expo 2020 by leveraging Dubai as a regional business hub where many Canadian companies have established subsidiary offices. Canada’s trade commissioners in the region will assist Canadian companies and industry organizations in developing business relationships with international buyers and partners through participation at major trade shows and curated business-to-business (B2B) events surrounding Expo 2020 Dubai.

  • Canada is committed to trade diversification and collaborative innovation. With 15 free trade agreements in force with 49 countries and 15 science, technology and innovation agreements and treaties in place with countries around the world, Canada is an ideal environment for partnerships.
  • Through its Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), Canada has a global network of trade offices in more than 160 cities across Canada and around the world to help Canadian and international companies connect and do business.